Rauischholzhausen Castle ( © University Gießen / Faber Management)

Each term the MAGKS Doctoral Colloquium takes place at Castle Rauischholzhausen. The colloquium aims at providing PhD students and postdocs from the MAGKS network with an opportunity to present their research and to get to know professors and colleagues from other MAGKS universities. You can participate either by giving a 30 minute presentation about your research project (including projects that are in an early stage) or by just listening to the presentations that will be given by other participants. Presenting your research will give you the chance to get some valuable feedback by professors and other PhD students from the MAGKS network. Furthermore, the colloquium is a great opportunity to see what other PhD students are working on and for extending your academic network. The colloquium will usually start on Thursday afternoon (at around 2 pm) and end on Friday afternoon. Attendance is expected for the entire duration of the colloquium. Accommodation is available for those who would like to stay overnight. There will be a joint dinner on Thursday evening as well as a joint lunch on Friday. Also, snacks, cold beverages, coffee and tea will be served during breaks on Thursday and Friday. The number of participants is limited to 30.

Castle Park (© University Gießen / Faber Management)

Participation is free of charge. However, expenses for travel and accommodation must be paid by the participants. In addition, a lump-sum fee will be charged for the meals and snacks served during the colloquium.

To apply for the seminar, please send an email to Felipe Hoppe (Uni Marburg):


Past Seminars

Doctoral Colloquium 21 – 22 March 2019 (© Karl Hofmann)
Doctoral Colloquium 30 September – 1 October 2019 (© Bernd Hayo)
Past SeminarsPresenters / Running Order
21-22 March, 2024Schedule
14-15 September, 2023Schedule
23-24 March, 2023Schedule
29-30 September, 2022Schedule
17-18 March, 2022Schedule
30 September – 1 October 2021Schedule
18-19 March 2021Schedule
24-25 September 2020Schedule
30 September – 1 October 2019Schedule
21-22 March 2019 Schedule
27-28 September 2018 Schedule
15-16 March 2018 Schedule
21-22 September 2017Schedule
16-17 March 2017Schedule
29-30 September 2016 Schedule
17-18 March 2016 Schedule
24-25 September 2015 Schedule
19-20 March 2015 Schedule
20-21 March 2014 Schedule
19-20 September 2013 Schedule
20-21 September 2012 Schedule
29-30 March 2012 Schedule
24-25 March 2011 Schedule